SIBO G. DESIGN TIPS – Cost and time saver -> mould flow analysis (MFA)

SIBO G. DESIGN TIPS – Cost and time saver -> mould flow analysis (MFA)

Mould Flow Analysis – An often overlooked, but important step

Author: Klemen Rehberger, September 2020


One of the most important steps to get the plastic part you imagine, is a well and precisely made mould – a mould that will allow you to consistently produce quality parts.

As this may be a difficult task for complex parts, the Mould Flow Analysis can be used as a very efficient tool. The Mould Flow Analysis is a comprehensive process using a simulation of the flow of the mass of plastic and defining and analysing the characteristics required for a flawless injection moulding of thermoplasts for the selected part.  The analysis includes a definition of the optimal cooling time, the filling pattern, the injection pressure, potential air traps, fibre orientation and many other characteristics.

Let us mention just some of the benefits that a Mould Flow Analysis brings:

  • It helps to determine the best point for the gate
  • It locates the potentially problematic filling areas of the part
  • It locates potentially visible sink marks
  • It helps to determine the shrinkage
  • It locates areas where additional venting will be required
  • It discloses potential defects
  • It is a good basis for any design changes
  • It increases efficiency and quality

If the analysis is made before starting to manufacture the mould, quite some unnecessary costs will be saved during the actual manufacturing, and all time that was saved can be used to refine the details.

Is the Mould Flow Analysis mandatory before manufacturing any mould? Our answer is no. The Mould Flow Analysis makes more sense when the parts are complex, have complex functions, narrow tolerances or are injection moulded from “exotic” polymers.

Of course, we will be happy to help you make the decision whether the Mould Flow Analysis makes sense for your project. We are incredibly familiar with the injection moulding process and how plastics behave in various conditions. Rely on our know-how and contact us at:

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