Creating new ultra light product with SIBO G. know-how

Creating new ultra light product with SIBO G. know-how

There is a general expectation from the market and especially public towards plastic producers to cut down the amount of plastics.

Like most of producers we are facing with this challenge, too. With the team of our experts, we sat down and discussed various alternations when it comes to consumption of material, look of the final product, production process itself etc.

Just a short time ago we received a request from one of the market leaders to cut the plastics weight of a certain cap by half. By half! And it also had to be particularly suitable for elderly population.

Talking ‘bout a challenge! Tough, but we took it on. We delivered a brand-new product, satisfying all requested limitations and made an ultra-light cap.


  • 50 % less plastic on diameter 35 mm,
  • quick turn for opening and closing,
  • stand up cap,
  • locking at the end of closing.

Based on our vast experience in designing caps and shoulders for global brands, we managed to develop cap to fulfill initial requirements and surpassed it. We succeeded to cut weight by 64 % which enables large cost cuts and sustainable story for newly developed cap and shoulder. To take sustainability one step further, the cap and shoulder is also made with mono-material packaging in mind. It is designed to be made from HD-PE which further contributes to sustainability and recyclability of the whole packaging.



  • 64 % less plastic,
  • made out of mono-material,
  • ergonomically shaped to lighten the use for physically challenged,
  • stand up design,
  • quarter turn,
  • lock function,
  • cap and shoulder weight of only 1,7 g.

Capture1 - Creating new ultra light product with SIBO G. know-how


If you have similar requests for cutting down on particular product or would like to be a part of sustainability story, send us an email to

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