International winter bike to work day

International winter bike to work day

On Friday, February 10th 2023 we encourage you to go to work by bike and tag your winter cycling moments on social networks with the #kolo365, #bike365, #trata21, #winterbiketoworkday and tag the project @trata2.1 on IG. 


The second Friday in February – this year that is February 10, 2023 – is known in the cycling circles as winter bike to work day. Partners of the project Trata 2.1 invite you to opt for bike as a means of commuting to work on this day and tag your winter cycling moments on social networks with the #kolo365, #bike365, #trata21, #winterbiketoworkday and tag the project @trata2.1 on IG. 


International Winter Bike to Work Day has its roots in 1956, when the League of American Bicyclists organized the first Bike to Work Day. As is usually the case with good ideas, this one also developed in different ways. In countries where winters are anything but mild (Canada, Finland), the idea of the Winter Cycling Federation was born in 2013, which started to encourage people to go to work by bike even in colder parts of the year. 

The partners of the project Trata, an industrial zone for the 21st century, will participate in this winter campaign this year. 

The companies Knauf Insulation, LTH castings and Sibo G will actively encourage their employees to cycle to work in the winter and thus encourage a change in travel habits. All project partners will raise awareness about the day of winter cycling to work through their internal channels and social media. 

We look forward to every cyclist who will opt for a sustainable way of mobility on Friday. 


Many people are convinced that only the most avid cyclists get on their bikes during the winter. The general opinion is that snow, cold wind, rain and other weather inconveniences deter us from cycling in winter. However, various studies (you can read them at Science Direct- Sweden, Science Direct – Canada, Research Gate – Germany and Denmark) have shown that people would bike even in winter if there was a network of safe cycling routes, which are properly maintained throughout the year. 


Just like in the warmer days, we must take care of a properly equipped and maintained bike, suitable clothing and personal safety (helmet, reflectors, lights) in the winter. When we choose to get to work by bicycle, we are doing something good for our physical fitness, health, better mood and, last but not least, for the environment. By participating in the winter bikt to work day, we will also show that the weather does not bother us and that with a safe and adequate (cleaned) infrastructure, we will cycle more even in the winter months. 

We wish you safe and pleasant winter cycling to work. 



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Leading partner of the project: Municipality of Škofja Loka 

Project partners: Development Agency SORA, IPoP, CIPRA Slovenia, CIPRA International, Knauf Insulation d.o.o., LTH Castings d.o.o., SIBO G. d.o.o. 


The Trata 2.1 project is co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway with funds from the EEA Financial Mechanism in the amount of approximately EUR 1.1 million. More at 

With the project Trata, an industrial zone for the 21st century, we encourage employees to change their travel habits and increase the number of arrivals to work in a sustainable way, thereby contributing to mitigating climate change. 

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