Interdepartmental cooperation in this special times

Interdepartmental cooperation in this special times

Due to rising number of infected with Covid-19 in Slovenia means also additional danger for rising numbers of infected in our company.

First few employees have been affected by the virus and are staying at home.  No other employees that are on the job show any signs of infection.

For us that means we are entering level 3. To insure all processes are running as planned we are providing additional help from other departments. With high state of preparedness and with reorganizing specific tasks we are preventing any affect of Covid-19 to our daily business processes.




As described on March 10, 2020: prepared action plan against Covid-19, first measures in place.

LEVEL 2 (from 16.3.2020):

Trigger: when the number of infected people in country rises significantly or educational facilities in local area get closed.

Activities like work from home, interdepartmental cooperation with emphasis to the production unit, cancellation of all unnecessary meetings are introduced.

LEVEL 3 (from 23.10.2020):

Trigger: when there is a first case of infection in the company.

Specific departments provide additional help to dept. of production to prevent impact on the production itself; possible delays are reported to the customers.


Trigger: noticeable lack of employees.

Reduction of the variety of products is introduced. Production decreases. Delays are reported in advance.


Trigger: great lack of employees, numerous cases of infected employees, closure of the town.

Temporary closure of the whole company.

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