It’s always busy at our MTC

It’s always busy at our MTC

Why would someone in a world saturated with toolmakers, even much bigger than us, choose us over and over again?

We have 55 years of know-how, namely the history of plastic injection, the history of development, the history of tool drawing, tool making –> experience that many customers, including bigger toolmakers, will never have.

The essence lies in building and maintaining long-term partnerships, investing in the development of new technologies, acquiring new competencies and building on the personal growth of each employee.

Our MTC was established precisely to emphasize and build on the additional capabilities we offer as a toolmaker:

  • the development of new products to make the path from the idea of ​​the final product the simplest, economical and fastest.
  • optimization of existing products, internal and external, by reducing material consumption, simplifying the process of plastic injection, extending the life of tools and reducing environmental impact.
  • Using MoldFlow analysis, a comprehensive product overview in a document called DFM, because as a tool manufacturer and plastic product injector, we critically review, evaluate and highlight the properties of the product the customer wants to produce.
  • redesign of the product in a way that adjusts the identified properties by eliminating irregularities, improving the flow of material, simplifying the concept of the tool, and consequently reduce the time from the idea of ​​this product.
  • 3D printing products.
  • Rapid Prototyping for extremely small series of products (up to 100).
  • Pilot Tools for small series of products with a shorter timeline. We also offer easy advances to full batch production, as the pilot phase allows us to easily replicate into batch tools.
  • serial tools of exceptional quality and service life.
  • For all tools we perform sampling and validation on dedicated machines
  • We are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring technology in the measuring laboratory, which allows us to control quality at every step, both on steel and plastic.
  • the possibility of planning and construction of automation lines for multi-stage product inspection and assembly.

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Mould Technology Center (MTC) is a development technology center within the company, which consists of ten specialized departments. These are:


  1. Sales of tool shop (responsible for evaluating and preparing offers, acquiring new business and measuring success).
  2. Project management (each acquired project is assigned to the project manager and monitored from start to finish with an emphasis on regular communication with the client).
  3. Development Dept. (focus on the development of new products, technologies and materials, market research and current industry guidelines, and providing partner technical support to customers).
  4. Construction Dept. (computer creation of 3D and 2D data on the basis of which new tools, automation devices, robotic arms, etc. are to be made).
  5. Automation Dept. (responsible for the design, manufacture, management and maintenance of machine peripherals, automation lines and various machining devices).
  6. Tool shop technology (determines procedures for optimal production of components by focusing on the development of new, faster and more efficient technological processes).
  7. Tool shop (performing the prescribed procedures for the production of finished products from raw material and consistent implementation of auto control at every step).
  8. Measuring Dept. (in charge of quality control of semi-finished and finished products).
  9. Hand tool shop (based on data from the Construction Dept. it deals with the assembly and maintenance of tools, pre-preparation of components and polishing of surfaces).
  10. Injection moulding technology (performs sampling of new tools, determines the optimal injection moulding parameters for the most dimensionally appropriate, visually satisfactory and fastest time production of plastic products on injection moulding machines).


The MTC currently employs 60 highly qualified, educated and motivated engineers, and our capacities enable us to produce up to 100 tools every year:

  • low cavity pilot gear,
  • highly demanding technical plastics up to 64 nests,
  • large series of high quality tools up to 192 cavities (we are one of the few manufacturers in Europe that is capable of making such tools!),
  • technologically very demanding tools for the automotive industry,
  • thin-walled injection moulding tools,
  • IBM and EBM container manufacturing tools.

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