Low shoulder DIA 50 and DIA 35

Low shoulder DIA 50 and DIA 35

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SIBO G. is an outstanding manufacturer in the tube shoulder segment and Giflor is a plastic closure specialist and the pioneer of the Eco Low Profile (ELP) original concept.

Joining forces between Sibo Group and Giflor Closure Technologies in 2020 for the market development and launch of the patented Eco Low Profile line for laminate tubes something good was obvious to come out.

The purpose was to make exclusive and innovative tube closure system which uses up to 50% less plastic than conventional tube closures.

More specifically, the tube would revolutionize the way laminate tube closures are conceived. Traditional heavy closures are now able to be replaced with extremely small-size and minimalist elegant designs which offer a lightweight packaging option. This option utilizes less plastic material which aids in a reduced carbon footprint.

The ELP tube collection has a large impact on the size of the package footprint, thereby generating logistic savings which have remarkably positive effects on the environment.


A complete packaging solution that is ideal for DIA 50 mm monomaterial tubes is already at hand. In 2021, Giflor’s ELP art. 772 in partnership with SIBO Group was awarded by the Tube Council and took gold in the “Best innovative components or process” category.

Next to DIA 50, DIA 35 was made to expand the range of solutions for this type of packaging. You can find our shoulder on Giflor’s ELP flip-top art. 770.


Since both the shoulder and the cap are made of the same material, the whole item can easily be recycled as a single piece. The nature will therefore be less impacted with products and environmental responsibility is raised to even higher grounds.

You can get more information if you pay us a visit at one of the two upcoming fair in Munich and Paris!


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