Medical device for hematogenic oxidation therapy

Medical device for hematogenic oxidation therapy

Sibo G. has a great reputation on producing demanding medical devices. With over 50 years of experience, we are able to react on almost any customer request, creating new products from an idea to delivery, producing them in our clean room class 8 environment which meets the standard ISO 14644.

One of our challenges is a medical device HOT VESSEL with Quartz glass, which we are regularly producing for our customer.
Production in our clean room follows all the required conditions, these products are sterilized before each shipment.
Sibo G. performs also the entire assembly of the product.

This product is a part of hematogenic oxidation therapy (HOT) which combines blood enrichment with O2 and UV irradiation. 60-90ml of patient’s blood is drawn into a sterile vessel, where the blood is flooded with medical oxygen and irradiated by UV-C light (254nm) for approximately 10 minutes. Subsequently, the enriched blood is re-infused into the patient.

Capture - Medical device for hematogenic oxidation therapy

HOT’s mechanism of action consists of three distinct elements:

  1. UV-C irradiation activates the immune system and fights bacteria and viruses
  2. medical O2 improves blood flow and improves peripheral oxygen supply
  3. additionally, the UV-C light reacts directly with the medical O2 and potentiates its reactivity.

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