Minimizing footprint with use of PCR material

Minimizing footprint with use of PCR material

Big S for SIBO G. Sustainability
grafika - Minimizing footprint with use of PCR material

In order to satisfy global brand owners with clear goals for sustainable packaging, we took this challenge as a project which has next goals:

–  Secure supply chain for PCR material; due to unstable polymer market, we had to secure quantities and competitive prices with material suppliers from Europe and North America

–  Mould modification; switch from virgin material to post-consumer recycled material demands bigger range of mould functions in order to stabilize the production process. Additionally,      we had to optimize inserts to offer production from both, HD-PE and PP – 100% PCR materials. This allows our customers minimum capex investment to achieve greater material flexibility.

–  Quality control of end products; finally, we do all functional tests which are required for virgin materials to enable the same functionality of new sustainable products for the end        customer.

During the project, we have learned that different work teams in our company must work closely with our customer in order to deliver complete product which is in line with our and customers value – Sustainable future.

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