Mould export rises on a global scale

Mould export rises on a global scale

We made small, but decisive steps into the global market in the export of our moulds. Two of the most important steps we made are:

  • modernization and extension of the Mould Maintenance Book – custom-made mould documentation, enclosed with each exported mould. The Mould Maintenance Book now
    includes extensive recommendations and instructions for the maintenance and handling of moulds to ensure their proper functioning in the long run.
  • The Mould Monitoring On-Remote system through which, by means of information and communication technology, we can access real-time data of moulds located at the sites of our customers  all around the world. This system allows us to precisely monitor the operation of the moulds, reduce the probability of faults, and significantly improve our response in case of a need to eliminate problems that could potentially arise.

The first results of our work became apparent quite quickly, as this year we already have or will export quite a number of moulds to different parts of the world, for example to Switzerland, Canada, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.



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