Divided into wide range of fields: telecommunications, electrical installation, fuse housings, lighting, devices for control & switchboard housings.

09 SIEMENS el. pokrov1.1 e1594368660235 - Technical solutions 02 SIEMENS el.ohišje1.1 e1594368582579 - Technical solutions

Demanding structures that have exceptionally high tolerances; perlators for water technology, vacuum pumps & systems for liquids, mechanical equipment, optical devices.

08 Neoperl1 e1594369177934 - Technical solutions  Kopf in Bobbin e1594369220645 - Technical solutions

  • Household appliances

Solutions for commercial and industrial usage: cooling and freezing, dishwashing, laundry and cleaning.

DSC 2501 300x200 - Technical solutions  06 LEVEL COVER 300x200 - Technical solutions

  • Medical components

Cutting edge products in various fields of medical and health care, surgery & diagnostics, blood transfusion kits, medical electronics, mother & child care.

08 GEAR WHEEL 300x200 - Technical solutions  COVER WHITE 300x200 - Technical solutions

  • Sanitary

Wide range of products, from complex industrial water & sewage facilities to simple components for home applications: water metrology housings, filtration components, hand towel dispensers.

05 BWT1.1 300x200 - Technical solutions  07 BASE PART 300x200 - Technical solutions

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