SIBO product code

SIBO product code


Each company uses its own codes to define and distinguish its products one from another. Those numbers and letters have specific meanings. We at SIBO GROUP use different letters, numbers and positions of them to make them as simple as possible. Here is a simple explanation of assigning codes to our products.

Nejc Lušina, tool shop manager, provides clarification and explanation of those codes. Let us take a closer look at closure with the SIBO code M9C/14. 

The first important marking is the first letter. In our case letter M. This letter stands for the nature of the thread. Letter M marks metric thread with triangular profile. Other letters could be S, TR, R, PO, CR, TE, SA, I, F, CF, L and SG.

Zajeta slika1 300x144 - SIBO product code

Variety of first markings:

M – metric thread with triangular profile,
S – thread with saw profile,
TR – thread with trapezoidal profile,
R – thread with rounded profile,
PO – push-on,
CR – child resistant,
TE – tamper evident,
SA – sponge applicator,
I – insert,
SG – super glue.

The second marking is numerical marking. This marking shows the size of the outer diameter of the thread. In our case, it is 9 mm.

Next marking is an alphabetical marking. This marking stands for the shape of the cap. As with the second marking, the initials in English language are used: C, S and F. In our case, the letter C is used, which stands for conical shape of the cap.

Variety of shapes:

C – conical,
S – stand up,
F – flip top

Zajeta slika2 300x110 - SIBO product code

The final marking is written behind the slash and provides a customer with the data on the version of the products. In our case, the number 14 tells us that we are looking at 14th version of this product.


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