Sustainability report for 2022

Sustainability report for 2022

SIBO GROUP is proud to have written and published our first sustainability report.

This issue involves all the actions, procedures and present state of the company that involves sustainability issues.

Thinking and acting sustainably has been driving our company development for 15 years. We have embarked on this journey ever since we started improving the use of our resources and monitoring the intensity of our production. The journey to a sustainable tomorrow is something that we live every day in many activities throughout the company. With these we are shaping a better tomorrow.” says Dragan Gojkovic, CEO of SIBO GROUP.

In 2007 we decided to make our first major investment in green energy. At the time, this decision came from the company itself, no serious trends of ecologically conscious business were present. Our ESG framework comprises of three foundations: Social, Environmental and Sustainable Development.” so Dimitrij Djokić, CSO at SIBO GROUP.

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