Having a single partner for complete process, from an idea to final product is of high importance. Process runs quicker. You stumble upon less complications. Ideas are realized faster and the final result is of higher quality. At least, that is what you get with SIBO G as a partner.

Even during these past two challenging years we have grown and made some important steps.

Here are some of them. Maybe they will convince you to send us an additional email:

  • we set up and started production in USA, Virginia to provide faster replays and more in person opportunities,
  • we changed at least 7% of our total packaging production to PCR material to lower the footprint in nature,
  • we managed to switch 20% of our current closures portfolio to PE material to enable mono material packaging,
  • we built over 80 new moulds which are in 90% cases running at our own production sites in Slovenia, USA and Russia,
  • we designed and prototyped two projects to show our R&D knowledge at novelties,
  • we gained 9 new partners in addition to existing ones,
  • we opened sales office in Poland, to come a step closer to new and existing partners,
  • we started 2 new projects on mouthwash cap,
  • we successfully started and delivered decorative caps for one of the worldwide known global brand in USA,
  • we cooperate in EU project for sustainable jars and lids for a better tomorrow.


Evolving in knowledge and as a company is as important as reaching out and hearing our partners. And that is what we do.

All this is possible due to our knowledge under one roof. SIBO G has one of the biggest mould technology centers in Slovenia, 10 construction engineers, team of polymer experts and process engineers which are responsible for serialization of more than 1000 moulds. Together with experienced customer support SIBO G is always on the lookout for new interesting projects in order to open a better future for all key stakeholders – customers, environment, suppliers, and of course also our employees and local community.

Are you struggling with a new idea? Looking for a partner to make it true?

You can reach us at: sales@sibo-eu.com

We are glad to be of help.

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