Integrated Management System

Quality management, Environment management and Safety and health at work system apply to the entire company SIBO GROUP and its operations.
An integrated management system is based on compliance with organisational regulations, which are included in the content and flow charts of the company’s Quality Manual, as well as on planning, consistent design and implementation of procedures and instructions, and on verifying and supervising the management system in line with the requirements of the international standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and also complying with the following guidelines:
    • Good Manufacturing Practice GMP
    • Cleanroom ISO 14644, Class 8
    • Sampling procedures for inspection ISO 2859-1
    • Requirements for medical devices ISO 13485
    • Requirements for primary packaging materials for medicinal products ISO 15378

Environmental Policy

With globalisation, local efforts for a clean environment have been combined towards the common goals that we pursue as well. We ensure that the environmental impact of manufacturing is consistent with the legal regulations and the business decisions adopted by the company’s management. Clean nature and neat environment are the values and a component of the corporate culture of SIBO GROUP.
In order to achieve the set goals we plan the development of technologies and products so as to minimise the burden on the environment caused by manufacturing. The activities carried out in environment management are the following:

  • constant improvement and prevention of pollution of the environment (water, air, ground);
  • compliance with legal and other requirements connected with identified environmental aspects;
  • training of employees who perform the tasks that might have a significant impact on the environment;
  • providing suitable resources for improving significant environmental aspects;
  • raising the environmental awareness of all employees of SIBO GROUP.

Quality Policy

The business strategy aimed at development and growth of the company SIBO GROUP. It is based on winning demanding customers who are looking for a long-term partner offering impeccable products, professional and technical consulting, reliable and on time delivery as well as an excellent sales service.
We therefore constantly strive to ensure a high quality level, not only of all our processes, but of the entire supply chain.
We achieve this by:

  • constant improvement of the Quality management system, which is based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard;
  • good manufacturing practice (GMP), which covers production and control in clean manufacturing area;
  • constant and systematic improvement of all our business processes on the basis of regular monitoring of the implementation of the set goals;
  • high-quality and responsible work by all our employees as well as external partners, as we are aware that everyone, each in his/her own area, contributes to quality;
  • constant training and development of all our employees, both in the field of quality and personal growth.

All activities for quality assurance are constantly reviewed and suitable preventive and corrective measures are implemented to improve quality with the aim of providing flawless products.

For us, quality is more than just a technical term. It is a way of thinking and working, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and our business results.

Safety and Health at Work

At SIBO GROUP we are aware of our responsibility to employees and therefore provide them a safe working environment. Risks are periodically assessed for all workplaces and maintained at an acceptable level by suitable protective measures, whereby we constantly improve working conditions in the long run.

  • compliance with legal and other requirements;
  • regular check of situation and action in terms of prevention and improvement
  • regular updating according to legal changes and changes in work processes
  • training of employees on safety at work, fire safety and first aid
  • providing means and equipment for safe work
  • performing preventive medical examinations
  • stimulating employees to a healthy lifestyle

The company’s management provides a personal example to raise the safety culture of employees


is a voluntary scheme that is applicable for the bioeconomy and circular economy for food, feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles and renewable feedstock derived from a process using renewable energy sources.

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